Easy Ways To Manage A Crowd

For most of the population, going to our place of employment everyday is something that is not only expected, it is something taken for granted. Most people report to work expecting a safe and steady environment. There are some professions where this is not the norm, such as the men and women who are entrusted to keep the general population safe as members of the military and police officers. Many businesses have at least one person or department who shoulders the responsibility of keeping the work buildings and premises safe. This can come in the form of hiring security guards, establishing evacuation and safety plans, and procuring security devices, like cameras and turnstiles, designed to monitor and control who has access to the building. When a business experiences growth and expansion, it may be time to evaluate the company’s current safety plans and resources.

Fire and Natural Disaster Plan

All businesses should have a plan that is communicated at least annually to all employees on how and where to evacuate to in the case of a fire. If the population of employees is high, floor wardens can be assigned to conduct an ‘all clear’ of a portion of the office to ensure all employees have evacuated. Once the floor wardens or an employee with a similar designation have also address evacuated, it can be their responsibility to check in employees to ensure everyone is accounted for. If a natural disaster, such as a tornado or hurricane is imminent, employees should be aware of the safest place to seek shelter. This is usually an interior room on the lower floor without windows.

Active Shooter Plan

Unfortunately, it is a practical solution to have a plan in place should there ever be an active shooter or dangerous person on the premises. The company safety facilitator should train employees on the proper protocol should this event occur. Typically, the best course of action is to have employees first try to evacuate the building. If this is not possible, they should seek out a hiding place and attempt to lock or barricade the door. As a last resort, train employees how to take action against the shooter.


For any office building where visitors are minimal, all employees should be required to wear their badge at all times. This easily lets other employees know that a person has the right to be in the building. Read Full Article To maximize employee safety, a company should have a policy in place that requires all employees to scan in (and possible out) in order to enter. There should be no holding the door for others or allowing another employee to use your badge. This prevents anyone who is not authorized to be in the building.

The expectations and plans to keep employees safe should be part of a new employee’s orientation and the resources, such as diagrams that show where to evacuate to, should be saved electronically where they can be easily referenced. The safety facilitator should ensure that any plans and resources are up to date as well.

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